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Mathematical Foundation

This is a test course on mathematical foundation, this shall be the first course on this platform.

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  • Introduction to Mathematics
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What you will learn

  • Introduction to Math foundation
  • Thinking Mathematically
  • How to solve tough mathematical questions
  • Becoming a great mathematics teacher

Class Content

4 sections • 5 lectures • 01h 37m total length
Genesis of Mathematics (URL)
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How to make Mathematics lovable (PDF)

In this module, you will learn to love mathematics more than what it use to be.

Test teaching 2 (Upload)

This is what you will learn in the second phase of this class.

Algebra Introduction - Basic Overview - Online Crash Course Review Video Tutorial Lessons
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Crisis in the Foundation of Mathematics


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Foundations of mathematics is the study of the philosophical and logical[1] and/or algorithmic basis of mathematics, or, in a broader sense, the mathematical investigation of what underlies the philosophical theories concerning the nature of mathematics.[2] In this latter sense, the distinction between foundations of mathematics and philosophy of mathematics turns out to be quite vague. Foundations of mathematics can be conceived as the study of the basic mathematical concepts (set, function, geometrical figure, number, etc.) and how they form hierarchies of more complex structures and concepts, especially the fundamentally important structures that form the language of mathematics (formulas, theories and their models giving a meaning to formulas, definitions, proofs, algorithms, etc.) also called metamathematical concepts, with an eye to the philosophical aspects and the unity of mathematics. The search for foundations of mathematics is a central question of the philosophy of mathematics; the abstract nature of mathematical objects presents special philosophical challenges.

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About the Teacher

About the Teacher

I am a professionally trained special educator, I teach persons with hearing impairment.

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Abiola Owopetu

This is a nice class for someone who is coming to write waec. Thank you sir.

Ilerioluwa Owopetu

A nice class with detailed instructions. Thanks for this class